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Alex D’Arcy is an emerging Canadian artist who currently lives and works in Toronto. After spending her early childhood on Guernsey,a Channel Island between England and France, Alex grew up in Toronto, Canada. Prior to obtaining her Masters in Fine art from Central Saint Martins in London, England, Alex obtained her BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design as well as a BA in literature from the University of Toronto.


As a painter, Alex D'Arcy's primary interest is in the relationship between colour and the optical and emotive experience that resides at the limits of language. Color, like music, has an emotive force, a physiological capacity to evoke mood that is primal, that is felt in the body yet resides at the limits of language, as it evokes and reverberates in the space of individual experience. Progressions in highly considered structures yield to shifts, to imminence, events and openings. In the work, this affect is the capacity to explore the surprising space between what can and cannot be said, thus revealing new possibilities for understanding.


Alex has participated in solo and group shows in Toronto, Vancouver and London, England. In 2008, she worked with architects from the well-known firm KPMB to develop the permanent installation of paintings seen at Nota Bene restaurant in Toronto. Her work is held by collectors in the UK and Canada.

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